Microsoft philantropies will donate their basic email hosting service for free and huge discounts are available on many of their bigger packages to many UK charities*.

If you’re using personal email accounts or are paying for email hosting to run your charity we can help you to get started with Microsoft’s Exchange 365 server. We’ve set up and managed systems for charities with over 500 user accounts as well as smaller charities with only 3 accounts, all hosted and provided by Microsoft for free.

Microsoft and a number of other companies offer donated desktop, Office and server software to qualifying charities. In the UK this is through Charity Digital (who charge an admin fee for many licences). We can talk you through the process and help you manage your licences.

Although we don’t build web sites, Outwoods IT host a number of websites for small businesses and charities as well as managing domain names registration, DNS etc.. We offer various hosting options allowing you to manage your own site and databases.

Contact us on to see how we can help your charity. If your requirements are simple enough we’ll consider donating our services too, so you might not end up paying a penny.

* Schools and Universities are excluded. Your charity must be non-discriminatory